Upload files

Applications are no longer being considered for 2024. Thanks to all who applied. Successful applicants will be notified by Canada Post in May.

Please read all the steps before submitting your application online.

1. You should have the application form, a personal letter, two letters of reference, and a transcript. The application form has more information on what we would like in the personal letter, the letters of reference and the transcript.

2. Convert everything to a .pdf format. The system will not allow you to upload any other file types.

3. Rename your files to your own name (e.g. SampleStudent1.pdf, Sample Student2.pdf, etc.)
It is okay to have everything in one file and it is okay to have a separate pdf for each part.- the important thing is that it has your name on the file so we know it is part of your submission.

4. Upload your files using the online portal above.
You can upload all your files at the same time but it is okay to do it in smaller batches.

5. Please send an email to scholarshipinfo@nnsf.ca saying that you have uploaded your application. This step is essential because if for some reason your application page doesn’t upload properly we have no email address or other way to contact you.

Having trouble uploading your files?
You can email scholarshipinfo@nnsf.ca for more information.

Letters have been mailed via Canada Post to the recipients of the 2024 Dr. John B Stewart Scholarships. (June3).

Recipients are asked to carefully read the letter and return the requested information to us by July 15, 2024.